Refreshment Facilities

The best cafeteria facilities with healthy food and refreshment!

Sasurie College of Education's cafeteria is a vibrant hub that offers nutritious and wholesome food to students and staff alike. The facility is clean and well-maintained, with a variety of dishes and beverages served daily. With ample seating, students can relax and socialize, making the cafeteria a central hub for campus life.


Our cafeteria menu is listed with quality & fresh food products and snacks for the students. There is a selection of snacks and drinks that are provided in a clean and safe environment.

Our Cafeteria is designed in a way to provide an opportunity for our students to socialize with their peers and to build a friendly environment, complemented by the free Wi-Fi facility.

The cafe area is regularly cleaned and sanitized, with the furniture sanitized 2-3 times daily.